Where to look for the support for Cerebral Palsy?

Where to look for the support for Cerebral Palsy?

Everybody loves waiting for their own child during the wonderful period of pregnancy. But if it turns out that they are affected by Cerebral Palsy, it gets so much harder… A disoriented parent often does not know where to look for support. Here are some tips about which places may help you in getting financial and material assets that are going to help your child.

Facebook groups

Ah, the Facebook is a king of everything. You can find there a lot of groups uniting mom and dads of children with Cerebral Palsy. That is a first step to make new friends whom you can ask a lot of questions about everything. They will also tell you about the important offices and organizations which help people that are in the similar situation.

Organizations and government

The government usually will have a special department which is meant to take care of the needs of people with different disabilities, Cerebral Palsy being among them. It’s worth calling them and asking is there anything that you should know about the support given to parents. Also try to find the organizations created especially for supporting the Cerebral Palsy and ask whether they can help you in anything. It often turns out that they can give out free equipment needed by your child and a lot of advices about how to raise it or how to deal with many legal and financial issues.

All in all, just do not give up and make sure you are aware of every possible organization that may help your child, because this knowledge will prove to be useful in future.


  • Gina

    You can also ask people working in the hospitals, they usually know something about organizations that can help you.

  • Eva

    Facebook groups uniting moms helped me so much during my child’s early months … I’m so grateful …

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