Speech-language therapy for cerebral palsy

Children with cerebral palsy often have trouble communicating. Cerebral palsy causes problems with tension and control over facial muscles, throat, tongue, and other areas affecting speech. Additionally, CP may also cause trouble hearing. Add these problems together and normal communication becomes almost impossible.

What are the benefits of speech therapy?

Speech therapy helps children with cerebral palsy gain better control over their muscles, articulate more clearly, and better understand spoken words. Your child will be more able to communicate her needs. You will be able to talk to him. Your child will overcome shyness in social situations, will be able to become more engaged in class or in other social settings. Whatever happens in his life, he’ll be able to tell you. She will also learn faster and understand more.

What to expect from a speech therapy session?

In cerebral palsy, the focus isn’t as much on learning the language, but more on exercising the muscles and tongue. Your child will be asked to perform exercises increasing the flexibility of facial muscles and tongue, and she will probably be also assigned some exercises to do at home. Your involvement will be very important because only regular exercise can bring lasting positive effects.

Some of these exercises can even be a lot of fun for your child, for example blowing bubbles or learning to whistle. But the most important thing is that your child will be able to participate in her community. Being able to communicate brings joy and freedom.


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