Physiotherapy at home

Many children with cerebral palsy require physiotherapy. However, for some parents, it may be difficult to get to physiotherapy sessions once a week, especially if they live in a small town and have to drive a long way to reach the physiotherapist’s office. One solution is to do physiotherapy at home.

How is that possible?

Your physiotherapist may give you a personalized exercise set to be done at home every day. If you manage to diligently do these exercises with your child, you’ll have to go to the physiotherapist only once a month or even more rarely. It’s important to be regular and dedicated when doing the exercises – only then will you see improvement. At the rare visits, your physiotherapist will assess your child’s progress and needs, and assign new exercises to be done at home.

The right setting

Cerebral palsy can be difficult to deal with if you’re not a professional. Some exercises may require special equipment and a lot of space, so set up an area in your house which will be devoted purely to your child’s physiotherapy sessions. Setting up one area instead of having to clean up after every session and set it all up anew beforehand makes it easier. It requires less effort from you and you’ll be more likely to exercise regularly.

The right atmosphere

You’ll probably be doing the exercises in the afternoon or in the evening when everyone is back from school and work. It’s a time of the day when everyone is tired and would rather unwind and have fun rather than exercise. So, make it into a rule to turn your physiotherapy sessions into an unquestionable habit. Or get the parent and the child involved in physiotherapy a small treat when they are done.


  • Mary

    Why do you assume that parents are likely to shirk doing these exercises?

  • Edward

    It’s natural that you don’t want to go another mile when everyone is tired, and the exercises probably require a lot of effort from both parent and child.

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