Parents have rights too

Parents have rights too

Having a child with Cerebral Palsy is never an easy task, it is actually a lifetime challenge. You have to take care of your child all the day and night during this neverending task. You love your daughter or son and you’d do everything for them, but sometimes you cannot help yourself but feel very tired. You know what? Parents have rights too.

Take care of yourself

It’s hard to find some time for yourself when taking care of your child, but remember that your partner and other members of family are there to help you and they will gladly take care of their young relative if you ask. And it’s not a crime to go to the cinema or the restaurant for once. It may feel like you are leaving your child in the time of the need but actually you’ll be doing this for you and for them: a tired mother or father aren’t the people that your children need, especially if you have more than one child. You need to take care of yourself and rest once in a while.

How to find a childcare

If your relatives are not really glad to take care of your child, try checking out local nannies. However, beforehand you should make sure that they are qualified to work with your offspring and will respond to their needs. You can for example invite her to your household for one day and see how she manages. If you will find a gem among the nannies, it may be actually good for you: you will know whom to ask in case you need to go out somewhere and there’s nobody else available to take care of your child.


  • Max

    I really support my wife, she chose to stay home for our child and when it’s possible I try to get her to go out with her friends. It really makes her happy.

  • Jenny

    I think it’s really important to give yourself a little breath sometimes … Without it i wouldn’t survive, really …

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