Occupational therapy for cerebral palsy

Occupational therapy helps children with cerebral palsy get better at performing everyday tasks such as brushing their teeth or eating. Signing your child up for occupational therapy will have many benefits both for you and your child.

Benefits for your child

Cerebral palsy causes your child to have difficulties controlling movements and thus performing daily tasks. Occupational therapy is usually individualized to fulfil your child’s needs, so the program will address the most debilitating problems with your child’s motor skills.

Thanks to occupational therapy, your child will learn to better control her muscles and joints. Her movements will become more purposeful and she will finally be able to eat a meal on her own!

More than that, occupational therapy helps your child become independent in many daily tasks. When your child grows up, he will find it much easier to become fully independent, instead of spending the life completely dependent on your help.

Benefits for you

Taking care of a child with cerebral palsy can be exhausting. Not only do you have to clean your own teeth, you have to help your child clean his. Assistance at mealtime may also be very tiring for you. Occupational therapy will give your child skills to take care of his own hygiene, eating, and other areas of day-to-day life, letting you rest and enjoy your child’s improvement.

Parents often neglect their own needs because taking care of a child with cerebral palsy is so absorbing. In the long run, this may be frustrating. Help your child gain skills to do things without your help.


  • Katherine

    Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

  • Horace

    Or just let your child deal with his own business and make mistakes. Honestly, parents these days do everything for their children because they don’t want them to get dirty or break something. How are children supposed to learn anything if they can’t make mistakes?

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