How to talk about sex to your teen with cerebral palsy?

Teenagers are usually quite interested in sex. It will not be different for teens with cerebral palsy. So, if your teenager has cerebral palsy, you will have to talk to them about sex. Cerebral palsy can complicate the matters of sexuality.

Normal problems become even more significant

Many teens have troubles with self-esteem and body image. They can feel they aren’t attractive enough to have sex. Teens with cerebral palsy can feel even more inadequate because of problems with muscle tension and movement coordination. Some teens may even expect they won’t ever get the chance to have sex because of their condition. This may become a source of frustration and anger.

Another problem is that of STDs and protection. Here, cerebral palsy shouldn’t make the problem much worse. The same rules apply to all teens: always use protection.

Problems strictly tied to cerebral palsy

About 20% of young adults with cerebral palsy are anorgasmic, which means that they can’t experience an orgasm. Another 80% experience physical problems during intercourse. Your teen may also experience emotional problems, for example, many young people with CP find it difficult to allow other people into their intimate sphere.

How to talk about it?

Address the facts and don’t sugar-coat it. Your teenager will appreciate honesty and it will be more helpful for her to know all the difficulties of her situation. If she’s prepared for the problems, she can find solutions to them and better cope with sex in her adult life.


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