How to deal with the negative emotions

How to deal with the negative emotions

Taking care of your child with Cerebral Palsy is surely hard. Sometimes it’s so hard you start wondering whether there will be a day when everything will be alright. You start regretting some decisions and you start doubting in yourself as a good parent. There are some days when you feel really bad and you have no strength for anything. What to do then?

Depression and hopelessness

Try to surround yourself with friends who have positive attitude and can cheer you up. Such people can be a gift during those worse days. Don’t forget to take some free days as well, just for yourself and your own rest. And above all, don’t forget you have a great and unique child. They present some challenges in rasiign them but after all you’re going through an experience not many people have access to.

The development of your child

Sometimes the depression comes from the hardships of raising and educating of Cerebral Palsy child. You can try to deal with it for example by writing a journal. Take notes each day of your child’s behaviour. After some time you’ll notice there’s a progress going on and that no work goes to waste. It will be a good information not only for you but also for your offspring.

If the depression gets worse and the negative moods start affecting not only you but also your neighbourhood, consider getting in touch with a doctor who will professionally diagnose the issue and give you advice on how to progress further, as many illnesses can be a cause of the depressive moods. The most important thing is that you don’t forget to take care of yourself.


  • Ray

    Yeah my wife got so depressed so suddenly it was real weird but then it turned out she actually got diabetes and she was just feeling worse now its all good

  • Garry

    I felt so depressed seeing my child suffering every day… But I visited the doc and it’s better now, I try to see the positive sides.

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