Horse in the therapy of sensory integration disorders

Among the effective methods to deal with disturbances on the background of sensory integration or any other disorder associated with the perception of reality or communication capabilities, an increasingly popular therapy is associated with the presence of animals in the vicinity of the patient. For children with impaired sensory integration activities with horses are not only interested in a new experience, but also the ability to overcome the effects of disorders or even their partial elimination.

Inseparable relationship of animal and man

Not without reason, for the treatment of children were selected horses – that’s what they always accompany to man today only slightly changed conditions. It is also a horse that binds a child with disturbances of sensory integration with nature and allows him to return to the roots. Back to the point, which is in close contact with nature, with the surrounding nature, the trees, the animals, the opportunity to taste it and feel on their own skin gives significantly better results than all other clinical methods.

Intensive action on multiple fields simultaneously

Contact horses makes it possible to regulate disorders on different levels, from the social, the motor, mental, to the sensory qualities. Riding a horse causes the child to distinguish the state of motion from the state of immobility, helps to know whether it is speed and rhythm, and also the child better than anywhere else is able to know his body and place it in a specific place in space, keeping specific concepts such as high-speed, slow-motion or other.


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