Education of child with Cerebral Palsy

Education of child with Cerebral Palsy

So your child suffers of Cerebral Palsy but it doesn’t mean they cannot get a good education they deserve. However, it can be hard to get since so little people are educated about Cerebral Palsy and are not sure how to deal with these children so many school may refuse taking the responsibility of caring for your offspring. Do not give up, though.

How to find a school or tutor

First of all, decide if you want your child to go to private or to public school. Most probably it will depend on the quality and the amount of services offered by the schools. You also need to factor in the distance between the household and the school, especially if you do not own a car or a driving license. So the good thing to do is to call all those schools and ask each of them about what kind of service they can provide. Take notes and compare later to choose the best option of schooling. Sometimes it turns out the best thing is to employ the tutor, especially if it’s an option that is financed by the state.

Your child’s behaviour

There’s also another important factor: not only what your child needs but also the way they behave. If they can be disruptive or do not like being around a lot of people at once, it may turn out that the traditional school education may be a worse option in comparison to homeschooling. And above all: do not ever give up, everything is possible if you try hard enough! Call every office you can and ask around about all the possibilities available for your child.


  • Frank

    I just want my child to be happy, that’s why I decided to go for homeschooling. Maybe later we will try to do some integrating into society but it’s too early for that right now.

  • Lilly

    I have been looking for perfect school for so long … but finally found it, turned out that there are never too many calls one can make 🙂

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