Do parents alone can recognize cerebral palsy in the infant?

Of course, for every parent to wait for his or her child, no matter which one, is a magical time, but also full of fear for his health after birth. Although we have a lot of possibilities today with prenatal testing, yet still two children per thousand are born with infantile cerebral palsy, which is a permanent brain injury. Fortunately, it does not progress over time, but may occur at different stages of development or just after birth.

What are the symptoms of infantile cerebral palsy?

It is important to watch your child’s behavior carefully from the first days. Pay special attention to the way your child sustains the mother’s food and whether or not it has a problem with it. It is also important to lift the stalk independently or play with your feet, and then also to roll over or to crawl and follow the steps, consistent with the development stages of the baby. The cause for anxiety will certainly be uncoordinated movements or problems with the lifting of objects, but also the lack of trying to get up, put on their own feet, the first published sounds communicating with the world. If you have convulsions, you will need to visit a neurologist.

Treatment of cerebral palsy

Treatment is dependent on the degree of brain damage and the progression of the disease. Treatment will never give you a complete recovery, which must always be kept in mind. Visiting specialists, however, is absolutely necessary in each case.


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