Confidence and Cerebral Palsy children

Confidence and Cerebral Palsy children

Children suffering from Cerebral Palsy know they are unique and they don’t always react positively to it. Seeing other people being able to interact with the world in such a way that Cerebral Palsy doesn’t allow is not really helpful. That’s why the important thing is to build a confidence in your offspring, starting in their earliest years.

How to make a child confident?

Always praise your child if they make something great. If they experience an awkward situation, sit together and talk about their feelings, point out the negative and the positive sides of such situation. For example, if a child in the school asked your offspring about why they look so weird and it made your child upset, name these emotions. „You are upset because someone thinks you look weird, but then an adult explained to them that you are unique and now this child knows what is Cerebral Palsy, so it was upsetting for you but you helped in educating them.”


Of course, not every situation has a positive side, but it’s worth trying to find them just to make your child more confident about their abilities. Another idea is to find another child who suffers from Cerebral Palsy as well, so she or he can talk with your offspring about the common experiences. Tell your child about other kinds of disability as well, tell them that they are people who are deaf or cannot talk at all and that there are many other people that have difficulties with living in this world. What’s most important, always tell your child that they are stronger due to the experiences they have lived through. It should help them through the worst times.


  • Taina

    yeah its hard to make your child confident 🙁 but my son is the greatest and I hope he knows about this 🙂

  • Ana

    We were lucky because another disabled child was living in the house next to us. It was a blind child but she quickly found a common ground with my son

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