Can Shaken Baby Syndrome cause cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy I a difficult condition. Its causes can be numerous. Some of them we can’t influence but others depend on our behaviour and actions as parents.

What is shaken baby syndrome?

The shaken baby syndrome appears when a small baby is shaken too hard, either during play or as an act of violence. Babies have little control over their bodies and are completely dependent on their guardians. If you shake your baby, either as a sort of play, or because you are angry with your baby, its brain will hit the skull and become bruised.

The early stages of development are extremely important. If something goes wrong at this stage, many significant problems may follow. For example, the symptoms of the shaken baby syndrome include come, paralysis, problems with breathing or even death.

The shaken baby syndrome may cause cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy may be caused by the shaken baby syndrome. One of the major causes of cerebral palsy is brain damage sustained before or shortly after birth. Children who have cerebral palsy may have difficulty moving and speaking, as the condition affects muscle tone.

The important thing is to never shake your baby, under any circumstances. A normal play shouldn’t result in shaken baby syndrome, but you can never know. Always support your child’s head, never let it hit against hard surfaces from a distance, and never shake your baby, no matter how angry you are. In just one moment of fury, you can destroy your child’s health and future.


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